What is CBD? How does is work?

Curious about CBD?


3 simple tips that could change your skincare routine forever

When it comes to discovering your perfect skincare routine, you might think that everyone is different. But while of course there will be some subtle differences depending on your skin type, age and skin condition, most of the essential advice that will really revolutionise your face is the same all…

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Anxiety : The real global pandemic

If you’ve ever spent five minutes looking into the positive change CBD products can inspire in your life, you’re likely to have come across thousands of search engine results about the amazing impact it can have on an anxiety-laden mind. CBD, and the other 120+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis…

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Curious about CBD? Here’s 9 different ways to give it a try

The hype about CBD is real. We love it, around 1.3 million people in the UK alone love it and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it too. That’s one thing many of us have in common. Something that’s a little more individual about the CBD experience though, is…

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what is cbd oil and how does it work?

By now, it’s likely you’ll have heard a lot about CBD. Its undeniable ‘buzz word’ status has taken it from underground to the mainstream in a flurry of confusing and, sometimes, inaccurate write-ups.

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cbd bioavailability

If our range of cannabidiol products has piqued your interest, you’re probably now wondering where to begin.

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what are CBD terpenes – hemp’s secret super power

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of standing in a warm greenhouse or visiting a fragrant garden, you’re probably already aware that plenty of plants, such as the cannabis or hemp plant used to make CBD oil, have rather strong, identifiable scents.

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