how cbd can aid performance and recovery in runners

Whether you’re pounding the pavements to stay in shape, hitting the trails in an ultra-race or training for your first marathon, your body is going to be under a lot of physical and mental strain. As much as it’s great being outdoors and chasing that runners high, it can come with its downside; aching joints and tired muscles and that’s just whilst your running, not to mention the stiffness and soreness that you suffer for the hours and even days after.

On face value it may seem odd that many runners are starting to turn their attention to using ‘cannabinoids’ like CBD to support recovery and performance, after all don’t they just get you ‘high’ which might not exactly be beneficial for performance?

what are cannabinoids?

The two main cannabinoids found in cannabis plants are THC and CBD. large doses of THC are what is responsible for the ‘high’ when consuming the cannabis plant, however products in the UK must contain less than 0.2% of THC, meaning you cannot become ‘stoned’ from using CBD products.

CBD on the other hand does not have this effect but does have other impacts on the body which might be useful for athletic performance and recovery. CBD causes these effects by binding to specialist receptors that are found in cells all around the body, which then triggers them to perform physiological functions that increasing amounts of research is starting to show might be of benefit to runners. For example, CBD may help with controlling perceptions of pain, promote calmness and focus and help reduce joint and muscle inflammation and help with muscle soreness and recovery.

is cbd safe in sports?

CBD is completely legal and safe to take under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules. THC is restricted in periods around competition, however the amounts found in CBD products are below amounts that would trigger an adverse reaction.

For added peace of mind we also stock 0% THC products designed especially for athletes, and make sure that all our brands are of the highest quality and tested frequently by nabino to ensure that what’s on the label is in the bottle.

how to take cbd?

The most popular form of CBD for athletes is our range of CBD oil products, these are great for taking before or after a long run, or before bed to help calm the mind and help you drop off and promote better sleep. However, this isn’t always the most convenient way to reap the benefits of CBD out on your runs, so many of endurance athletes like to use CBD mints! This an easy to carry and consume product… Simply pop one under your tongue and get the benefits of CBD without needing to break stride!

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