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Cycling is without doubt one of the toughest sports no matter what level you’re at; hours in the saddle, dealing with the elements and steep, apparently endless hills (they’re worth the views, right?!) are a recipe for plenty of pain, a little suffering and no doubt aching, tired and sore legs. We’re guessing if you’ve landed here then you’ve probably heard some rumours about using CBD products in sports and are wondering what, if anything, they might be able to do for you and those ‘symptoms’ of cycling.

why use cbd to improve cycling performance?

Whether you’re a dedicated amateur or grand tour veteran, getting the most out of your performance and recovery is important. It is the unique properties of CBD to positively impact in these areas that means athletes the world over, from a wide variety of sports, are trying and reaping the benefits from CBD.

Although CBD research in the world of endurance sport is in its infancy, there are some interesting effects of CBD that are of interest to endurance athletes. CBD may help with perceptions of pain, controlling inflammation and even muscle soreness. This may help with both performance on the bike and its calming effects aid in relaxation, lower stress and better sleep for recovery.

what is cbd and thc?

CBD is one of a hundred active organic compounds cannabinoids  and terpenes found in hemp a member of the cannabis family. THC is another cannabinoid, that gives people the high we associate with cannabis. Our bodies produce their own cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids and it is an endocannabinoid that gives you the runners high after exercise. It’s believed to be your body’s own way of bringing your body back to balance after the demands of a run or tough workout. CBD is thought to provide a similar function, bringing the body back into balance!

The Olympic World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has permitted CBD to be used by professional athletes. However, THC is a banned substance. So athletes need to be careful that they source their CBD from reliable companies with independent lab test results. those products approved by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) offer the highest quality and purity standard.

That said, the other cannabinoids and terpenes can offer additional benefits. Indeed many ultra-runners find that microdosing THC can actually help them perform!

Cannabinoids cause their effects by binding with specific receptors in the body. this triggers a response, which is dependent on the type of receptor in the body and the systems in which they are found and it is these responses when using CBD which has gained a lot of interests for athletes of all types, and increasingly endurance athletes.

how to take cbd

CBD is available in several effective forms. A popular form with endurance athletes when on the go, is in an easy to consume ‘mint’ form. Easy to carry, no messing around with bottles, simply pop a mint under your tongue throughout your ride and enjoy the benefits with no mess and no fuss.

To aid recovery, a few drops of one of our CBD oil products allows for a more concentrated dose to help you become calm, achieve a more restful sleep and recover faster.

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