If you’ve ever spent five minutes looking into the positive change CBD products can inspire in your life, you’re likely to have come across thousands of search engine results about the amazing impact it can have on an anxiety-laden mind. CBD, and the other 120+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, all do their bit for bringing a little calm and emotional equilibrium to your life, so its no great surprise that of the 264 million of us worldwide who suffer from anxiety, a pretty impressive number of these are turning to CBD as a natural solution.

Right now, there’s more to worry about than usual. Many of us are feeling the strain of being stuck inside during lockdown. The uncertainty of what the future holds and the concerns we all have for the wellbeing of family, friends and strangers too leaves even those who, ordinarily, are fairly cool cucumbers needing a little respite from these new, daily worries. But, despite the current Covid-19 pandemic sitting at the forefront of most anxious minds, we believe the real global pandemic (one which has been around and likely to stick around for much longer) is anxiety.

There are plenty of potential reasons for this – burdens put upon us at work; the ever-looming climate crisis; the lack of time spent in nature; the lack of time spent taking care of yourself. But one thing that is often overlooked is the contagious nature of anxiety, which can spread like wildfire if not controlled.

Have you ever been instantly cheered and inspired by just being in the presence of someone who is brimming with positivity? Felt fear take on a whole new level when watching a horror film with others? Or had your own anxiety levels increase when a partner or house mate comes home from a challenging day at work? It would seem (with masses of research to back it up) that the emotions of others are catching. 

This phenomenon, known as emotional contagion, has the wonderful capacity for shared happiness, joy, excitement and enhanced bonding among many other positive effects. But negative emotions, like pain, fear and sadness are also readily amplified by the experience of others. In fact, it’s likely that the human brain actually pays more attention to negative emotions as a survival instinct. Everyone is susceptible to this, regardless of usual mental state or capacity for rationality and everyone has the ability to control which emotions they choose to let in, and which they choose to protect themselves from – with a little help.

Emotional contagion, which happens automatically numerous times a day, has now presented us with a global panic pandemic. Shoppers stockpiling toilet roll, families and friends living in isolation offering shared fear rather than support for one another. But while we may not have much control over the spread of COVID-19, we do have control over the spread of fear and the toll it will inevitably take on our mental wellbeing.

Getting to know your own emotions through meditation or journaling can help you separate your own anxious thoughts from others. Visualising winding up a window between yourself and someone radiating anxiety as a form of self preservation is also a handy tool. But taking charge of your own anxiety and preventing the spread, just like washing your hands to the tune of happy birthday, is really the best place to start. Luckily, as many CBD fans will attest to, superplant cannabis is here to help!

Ready to do your bit to flatten the curve of the global anxiety pandemic? The range of CBD products you’ll find here on nabino have been carefully curated from the very best brands across America and Europe and (you’ll be delighted to hear), we’re ready and waiting to ship your CBD care package whenever you need it.

Disclaimer: Please note, all of our products contain less than 0.2% thc. Our products are not approved by the MHRA nor the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat nor cure any disease or medical condition. Do not exceed 70mg dosage per day. Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Not suitable for under 18’s. We recommend that you check with your GP before starting a new dietary supplement program.

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