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Award winning fashion and beauty blogger, Chloe, from Lady Writes gives her review of the Kuida range, which she has been testing out for us over the last month. Read on to see what she thinks of the collection…

As women when it comes to skincare, we’re looking for the best that we can find. We want our skincare to fit into our lives and beauty regimes, make us feel good about ourselves and most importantly deliver the best results. Which is why a brand like Kuida have so much appeal. With thousands of products and brands on the market offering everything and anything that we could wish to put on our skin, Kuida have harnessed the best parts of active beauty formulas and blended with CBD to increase potency and deliver an impressive outcome. It’s this unique blend that’s Kuida’s secret, because while everyone knows about the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, many don’t know that it’s also a source of antioxidants. The result is their range of high performance products for every part of your beauty regime – that you’re going to want on your bathroom shelf and bedside table.

But where to start? I’ve been trying out the range and there’s a lot to enjoy! Most notably my favourite in the collection has to be the Kuida Body Lotion which not only smells beautifully fragrant but really nourishes my skin after every use. Unlike other body lotions that take forever to dry, this one absorbs quickly and without any sticky residue, so it’s perfect even when I’m in a rush. Focusing on the elbows, knees and wrists first, I apply this liberally and rub in. Followed by a light dose across my legs, arms and top half. My skin feels nourished, soft and retains the same lovely scent all day long. It’s a post-shower daily essential for sure.

While the Body Lotion offers moisture everywhere below the neck, if you’re looking for some facial skincare then the Kuida Moisturising Day Cream should be your next stop. In exactly the same way, the Day Cream works to hydrate the skin through its unique CBD and active skincare formula. I have combination/oily skin and this absorbs really nicely and doesn’t increase the oil secretion. But it’s gentle too, it doesn’t encourage redness or make me feel like it’s overloading my skin (which can cause breakouts) and it’s just a really lovely, everyday moisturiser. So because of this, I’d say that it would work well for all skin types. Applied in the morning before make up, it’s going to keep things hydrated through the day so skin should feel it’s best long into the afternoon.

A fun one that you may not consider is the Kuida Relaxing Body Mist which is well worth a splurge. If you’ve ever used a pillow spray or added something to your bath before bedtime to encourage a better nights sleep, then this is for you. Acting like a body spray to relax and a pillow spray at the same time, you can spray over yourself and your bedding before it’s time for some shut eye. The result is an increased sense of calm to help you relax a little more and hopefully slip into a deeper sleep. It’s a beautiful, light scent that’s completely non-invasive but noticeable enough to make you feel like it’s helping to calm you. Top tip; spray over the curtains as well as the bedding, leave the window open slightly for 10 minutes before bedtime and your whole room will be a relaxing environment that’s poised for good sleep.

Speaking of bed time, where you’ve used the Day Cream in the morning, switch to the Kuida Night Cream as one of your pre-bed skincare steps. As with the other products in the range, there’s a heavy focus on hydration, which in this night cream means that while you sleep the extra moisturisation is helping to plump and fill fine lines. So if you’re worried about the signs of ageing then you’ll love this. Its also quickly absorbed with no sticky residue and will work well with your nightly serum too. A quick massage across the whole face does the trick and skin feels soft and nourished by morning.

As well as these you’ll also find a brilliant Facial & Body Scrub (essential for exfoliation and encouraging new, fresh skin that will make you look radiant) and an Eye Contour Gel if your target area is under the eyes. You can also try the Kuida Step 0 Fluid which acts like a serum in addition to the other facial skincare products.

If CBD skincare is something you’re keen to try then Kuida is a great place to start. Created by women who know what all of us other women want from our beauty regime, they’ve crafted beautifully absorbent products that work quickly, perform well and harness the best of CBD and cosmeceutical practices and ingredients. With everything you need for a core beauty regime you can really get to grips with a whole new routine and watch your skin reap the benefits.

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