Don’t know where to start with CBD? Here are a few of our CBD essentials to fit into your day, morning, noon and night.

Feeling anxious? Having trouble sleeping? Has your skin, hair and general wellbeing suffered as a result? If you’re struggling with the stresses and strains of everyday life, don’t panic. You’re in good company. In a recent study by Mental Health UK an estimated 74% of adults reported feeling overwhelmed and anxious – and that was just in 2019!

But reaching for medicalised solutions to handle routine anxiety, isn’t always the best option. Instead, why not try some natural stress and anxiety-relieving remedies on offer from Mother Nature first?

CBD infused products are 100% safe, non-addictive and have good anecdotal and research-based track records when it comes to relieving the unpleasant side-effects of anxiety and fatigue. And introducing CBD to your daily routine could be as easy as chowing down on a daily gummy, to swapping your afternoon coffee for a refreshing CBD-infused beverage. Read on for our daily list of CBD essentials to boost your overall wellbeing.

In the morning

Start the day off on the right foot with gentle supplements and products that will help focus your mind and nourish your skin.

Treat yourself to a starter CBD oil supplement in the form of Aire’s lightest blend. Containing 500mg of CBD, this formula took two years to develop and is free from all artificial preservatives and additives. Just a drop placed under the tongue in the morning – and then throughout the day if required, will help relieve your tensions and restore calm.

Refresh your senses and awaken your skin with Kuida’s Facial and Body Scrub. This luxurious product utilises peach nut seeds with CBD synergies which act as a powerful antioxidant in combination with the relaxing benefits of CBD extract. Exfoliation is also a great way to boost your circulation, which helps eliminate toxins and sloughs away the dull and dead skin cells of yesterday. Use it as part of your beauty regimen to maintain a smooth and glowing complexion.

Finally, why not arm your immune system with Kannaswiss C3 Daily CBD Booster Shots? The unique formulation is a delicious mix of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, including curcumin (from turmeric root) and crocus complex. We recommend you swig a 60 ml shot before breakfast for a refreshing, vitamin-rich start to the day.

Throughout the day

Do you suffer from that chocolate/coffee-reaching afternoon slump? If so, it’s time to ditch the sugar and espresso hit. Research shows that insulin spikes caused by sugary snacks and too much caffeine are known to exacerbate anxiety and can contribute to poor quality sleep.

Instead, reach for a refreshing Trip drink. These low-calorie, sugar-free, vegan alternatives to your afternoon latte, come in a delicious infusion of natural flavours, such as elderflower and mint, or lemon and basil. Instead of caffeine, they contain a 15mg ‘pick-you-up’ dose of CBD extract to get your focus back on track. Sip on one or two Trips a day instead of your usual go-to beverage.

Need an additional boost? Why not try Kannaswiss Daily A-Zinc CBD Softgums? These delicious CBD lime gummies are fortified with zinc, as well as vitamins C and E.  Zinc is instrumental in DNA synthesis, immune function, inflammation management and more. So, when this remarkable element is combined with the vitamins C and E – as well as a stress-busting 600mg of CBD, the result is an impressive partnership that promotes healthy hair, skin and nails and mental wellbeing too.

If you find yourself working on a demanding project and need to maintain your focus, flagging energy levels can seriously affect your productivity. Stay sharp with the Evielab Focus CBD Micropearl Capsules. This neat, pocket-sized dispenser contains 70 micropearls. Each one delivers 5mg of CBD, CBG and natural terpenes that are shown to reduce stress. The micro doses make it easier for a controlled and slow intake of CBD extracts to boost your concentration.

In the evening

Poor sleep has a huge impact on physical and mental health. A sleep-compromised body is prone to weight gain, poor immunity, hair and skin problems and more. Reduced sleep also contributes to anxiety, a lack of concentration and mood swings.

Think about how toddlers have tantrums when they are overtired. As adults, we can manage the effects of excessive fatigue to socially acceptable levels. But our sense of wellbeing and general good health is almost certainly compromised when decent sleep takes a nosedive.

Make sure your hours spent sleeping are nourishing your mind as well as your body, with these three, essential products.

Take advantage of your skin’s heightened, night-time absorbency rate with Leef Organics Wild Crafted CBD Facial Oil. The luxurious combination of Kukui nut oil, jojoba seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, lavender, calendula organic whole plant CBD extract and more, makes it the perfect evening treat for your skin.

Prepare your body for a good night’s sleep with a three-capsule serving of Cured Zen CBD Night-time Calming Supplement. Delivering 19.5mg of CDB extract, along with insomnia-busting herbal supplements, minerals and mushrooms including passionflower, skullcap, valerian, magnesium, reishi extract and ashwagandha, this soothing supplement is an essential bedtime blend.

Finally, prepare your sleep space for rest and relaxation with Grass & Co’s Rest Pillow Spray. Harnessing the power of essential oils and their positive effects on the limbic system, this relaxing blend of Geranium, Rosemary and Frankincense helps to calm and soothe your mind so that deep, healing sleep can follow. Spray sparingly on your pillow before settling down for a relaxing night’s sleep.

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