We caught up with Christine Yi, the co-founder of Potli, to talk about the CBD industry, products and the future of the Potli brand.

nabino : How long have you been in the cannabis/CBD market?

Christine Yi : 2017 for cannabis, 2018 for CBD.

n : What was your motivation to enter the industry?

CY : In 2017 I came home and caught up with my best friend/now co-founder Felicity Chen, and tasted a honey that her dad had started harvesting in their backyard for her mother, who is asthmatic and uses hyper local honey to help with her symptoms. It was the best honey I’d ever tasted, and we realised that though there are health benefits that cannabis could provide her and people like our mothers, there’s no way our asian-immigrant mothers would ever smoke a joint with us. And thus, Potli was born. Potli is a meticulously sourced and healthy edibles that can combat even the deepest stigmas of cannabis

n : What is the most exciting thing about this industry?

CY : As an industry fundamentally rooted in negative stigmas, it presents us with an exciting opportunity to change the way people think about this plant, but moreover how people think about their health. The emerging brands and figures within the space will have a lasting impact on consumer perception and behaviour

n : Where do you see the industry going?

CY : I see the industry moving in directions to solve for specific use cases and functions, whether they’re sex, beauty, sleep, energy, focus, relaxation, etc to better guide consumers on how to utilise cannabis

n : What do you think are the main challenges for the industry?

CY : Operating in a regulated environment where we can’t advertise, distribute, or product normally as any other consumer goods company would

n : What’s your daily/weekly/ad-hoc CBD routine?

CY : CBD in my coffee is a daily favourite! It helps with a sustained energy boost. Potli CBD honey in lattes is perfect. Twice a week or so I’ll have Potli CBD olive oil in my dinner to help welcome in relaxation

n : What do you enjoy most about your role?

CY : Experimenting and seeing how others make Potli ingredients their own!

n : When did you launch your brand?

CY : September 2018

n : Who is your brand aimed at?

CY : Everyone! Experienced users love that our products give them a chance to be accurate with making edibles and new creations. Beginners love that they’re in a form factor that isn’t intimidating

n : What do you hope to achieve with your brand?

CY : The first brand to successfully achieve a balanced intersection between cannabis, wellness, and artisanal food

n : One of the exciting things about CBD is that there are so many products into which it can be incorporated. Why did you choose to create your line-up?

CY : We wanted to create delicious, every day ingredients that people already love and use

n : What is your favourite product within your range?

CY : Our honey is our first-born and still our favourite. We harvest it all ourselves from our original hives in Northern California

n : What is your most popular product?

CY : Our honey is also our most popular

n : What was the hardest product to develop and why?

CY : Honey was the hardest to develop, finding a way to infuse the honey, which is not fat based, with minimal added ingredients takes time

n : What product areas do you think will grow within the industry over the next 12 months?

CY : We’re moving into the sleep category next!

n : Are you working on new and exciting products?

CY : CBN honey

Check out the Potli range here.

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team nabino

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