We caught up with Oli Harris & Adam Flanagan, the co-founders of Aire CBD, to talk about the CBD industry, products and the future of the Aire brand.

nabino : How long have you been in the cannabis/CBD market?

Oli & Adam : Although we went live in February 2020, Aire was in development from November 2018.  In this time we developed the brand, the packaging and ultimately the product.  Our aim from the start has been to deliver the best customer experience in the CBD market.

n : What was your motivation to enter the industry?

O&A : We had both been taking CBD to combat the stresses of work, which led to lots of discussions about the different brands we were trying. We realised there weren’t really any brands out there that we felt comfortable with – they were all very pseudo-medicinal or traditional hemp which didn’t really sit with the types of brands we’d normally buy. We realised there was a gap in the market for a more lifestyle-based brand. It was these conversations that eventually led to the idea of starting Aire.

n : What is the most exciting thing about this industry?

O&A : It is very much in its infancy with new developments, products, collaborations happening. Seeing the industry grow at such a rapid pace is always going to be exciting.

n : Where do you see the industry going?

O&A : More mainstream, this is one of the main ambitions for Aire. Making a brand or product that isn’t seen as just CBD or cannabis but as another lifestyle and wellness product that fits into your daily life. 

n : What do you think are the main challenges for the industry?

O&A : Education, education, education, — not to quote Tony Blair but many people do not know the benefits (mainly down to ad restrictions), or know what CBD really is and who is using it. I think with more studies and more information the industry will grow into a solid part of the health and wellness market. 

n : What’s your daily/weekly/ad-hoc CBD routine?

O&A : I personally use our 015 throughout the day, taking in the morning and evening along with several small drops of our 005 in-between emails and conference calls. Keeping me nicely balanced throughout the day. 

n : What do you enjoy most about your role?

O&A : New conversations — always getting on calls to discuss how other people, wholesalers, brands, marketplaces and retailers are working with CBD and how they are going about their work in the industry. 

n : When did you launch your brand?

O&A : We’ve been selling since February 2020, but he brand initially launched in May 2019.

n : Why did you start your brand?

O&A : At the time, and still to a large degree now, the CBD market was full of either pseudo-medicinal or traditional hemp brands.  These types of brands had actually put us off trying CBD to begin with, as they didn’t feel overly trustworthy.  We felt there was a gap in the marketing for a premium, more lifestyle based CBD brand that would help make CBD more accessible to more people.  As more people really should be benefiting from it.

n : Who is your brand aimed at?

O&A : People like us, someone who appreciates a nice product, cares about the quality of the products they use and want something that’s nice to carry around and be part of their day. 

n : What do you hope to achieve with your brand?

O&A : We’d love to become an overall wellness brand, develop new CBD products and branch out into other areas of alternative natural wellness. 

n : Do you have any famous clientele?

O&A : There’s been a few conversations but can’t mention any specific names at the moment. 

n : What other brands inspire you? (Beyond CBD)

O&A : Personally I’m a huge fan of The Nue Co and Aseop — these guys have great product ranges along with amazing looking packaging that supports the quality of their products. When we made our original mood boards these were both in there. AKT deodorants would be one to add as they’ve had an amazing launch and are going from strength to strengths in a few months. 

n : How did Covid impact the brand?

O&A : We launched a couple of weeks before lockdown, which was a bit of a struggle as we lost a lot of coverage from a PR perspective which was planned in. But if we can navigate this then I’m confident we’re in a stronger position moving forward. 

n : One of the exciting things about CBD is that there are so many products into which it can be incorporated. Why did you choose to create your line-up?

O&A : We wanted to deliver the best CBD user experience on the market, so every detail was considered and debated.  That’s why it took us so long to go live!  From the tincture, to the carton, to the packaging, to the blend of oil – everything was done to be a step above what is out in the market at the moment.  The taste of our oils is something we’re especially proud of.  It’s an all hemp product, so no artificial flavourings, but by using the very best ingredients we’ve managed to create a really clean, smooth taste that’s clearly CBD but in a much more palatable way.

n : What is your favourite product within your range?

O&A : Personally a 015 — I like a strong oil when I really need some extra help.

n : What is your most popular product?

O&A : Our middle strength oil the 010 — 10% CBD has shown to be the most purchased. 

n : What was the hardest product to develop and why?

O&A : Pretty much all the same at the moment. The hardest part is to make sure they all meet the mark and the Aire standard in terms of CBD quality and quantity per bottle. 

n : What product areas do you think will grow within the industry over the next 12 months?

O&A : Much more around topical, we’re beginning to look at creams and balms and seeing how different methods of application and supporting ingredients can help provide a better overall CBD experience and add to a user routine easily. 

n : Are you working on new and exciting products?

O&A : Of course… *taps nose*

n : What are your favourite products apart from yours?

O&A : I’m currently using Harmony’s vape pen at the moment, here and there I think this just adds a little extra CBD support throughout the day without using a dropper all day. I can end up using a lot of oil if having a big CBD day.

Check out the Aire range here.

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