The way you feel physically, affects your mental health. If you feel well and full of energy, you’ll be more productive in your work, and happier in your home environment.

Using supplements to ensure your daily intake of vitamins and minerals are well balanced, is always recommended. But did you know that CBD is available in a range of products that can give your immunity and your mood a boost? Check out our top favourite products for a better-centred you.

For beauty

Looking good on the outside always puts a spring in your step, and when your skin glows with health, it’s a sign of inner vitality. Your skin is also the biggest organ of the body. It breathes, expels toxins, absorbs vitamin D from sunlight, prevents infection and dehydration and even changes colour to protect us against harmful sun rays. In short, it’s amazing! But it works hard and is very often neglected.

Try: Leef Organics Wild Crafted CBD Facial Oil – a 15ml relaxing and indulging facial serum. Containing plant-based extracts as well as CBD which is an outstanding antioxidant, this sun-grown superfood improves elasticity and boosts collagen. The ingredients list is almost good enough to eat. You’ll find kukui nut oil, jojoba seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, lavender, calendula officinalis flower extract, comfrey, vitamin E, blue tansy leaf oil, jasmine absolute, Moroccan rose absolute – and of course, organic whole plant CBD extract. The facial oil works its magic best when you sleep, so add a layer under your usual moisturiser and dream your way to healthier skin.

For aches and pains

If you suffer from chronic pain or migraines, CBD can sooth and help you feel less stressed too. There are several supplements you can take that will offer comfort, though some will take longer to have an effect.

CBD that is absorbed through the digestive tract has a delayed effect – usually one to two hours. Stomach acid, recent meals, and your personal absorption rate, makes it difficult to ascertain exactly how much CBD each person utilizes from every dose.

However, the quicker way to absorb CBD is by taking it under the tongue using either a spray or drops. This is because the CBD reaches the bloodstream much faster, the effects can be felt within as little as quarter of an hour.

Try:  Cannaray 450mg CBD & Curcumin Capsules Enjoy the combined benefits of both CBD and natural anti-inflammatory, curcumin, with these capsules from Cannaray. Ideal for those suffering from aching muscles and joints, these capsules get to work to tackle the discomfort associated with a number of ailments. Each capsule is packed with 15mg of CBD as well as 50mg of soothing curcumin. Take two a day or whenever you feel you need relief.

Try: Aire 010 1000mg CBD oil 10ml Aire’s mid-strength blend CBD oil, Aire 010, contains 1000mg, making it perfect for bringing you balance every day. Free from all artificial preservatives and containing only pure organic hemp-derived CBD, simply drop some under your tongue whenever you need to take the edge off.

Try: Grass & Co Calm 300mg CBD Balm 60ml This soothing CBD-infused calm balm has a blend of evening primrose oil, rosemary and basil. The ingredients work together to soothe tension and calm aching joints. To use, simply massage it into your pulse points. You can also apply it directly onto sore and tense muscles to gain fast relief.

Try: Leef Organics Recover CBD roll-on 60ml  This neat and compact roller ball dispenser houses cold-pressed, full-spectrum whole plant CBD blended with wild crafted herbs, all on a mission to bring relief. The formula is designed to be absorbed fast, with paeonia albiflora root, ligusticum chuanxiong root, poria cocos, liquorice root, camphor, menthol and jojoba esters to create a unique, relieving formula. Providing an immediately soothing effect, it’s the perfect remedy for sore muscles after a hard day.

For immunity boosters

It’s a no-brainer that a good immune system is the Holy Grail for most people these days. Making sure you’re balanced in terms of essential nutrients, and also mentally centred, will put you on the right path to good health. However, if you’re suffering from stress (as are most of us these days) it’s likely that you are experiencing some sleeping issues, are vitamin deficient, or are simply low on energy.

Try: Kannaswiss C3 daily CBD Booster Shots 420ml This seven-day supply of 60ml daily shots give your system a concentrated punch of plant-based goodness. The shots contain a holistic mixture of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. The C3 daily booster combines CBD, curcumin to fight inflammation and crocus complex to boost your energy levels throughout the day. Take one each morning to feel the benefits of this extraordinary supplement.

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