What is CBD? How does is work?

Curious about CBD?



In combat sports like MMA, wrestling, boxing, judo and Thai boxing, many combat athletes have, and continue to experiment, with the use of cannabinoids for sleep and recovery, pain management and even controlling performance anxiety and improving mental focus.

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CBD and football

Many find that CBD can help people both get on their game and recover after a touch football match. Why is it that a plant known for getting people 'high' and about as far from a high-performance state as possible, is now being increasingly used by athletes across a wide…

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how cbd for rugby boosts performance and recovery

How is it possible that the same organic compounds found in the cannabis plant, a plant associated with recreational drug use and effects far removed from performance, is not only safe under anti-doping guidelines but might also be of benefit for a sport as physically demanding as rugby. Well CBD…

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cbd for cyclists

to aid recovery, a few drops of one of our cbd oil products allows for a more concentrated dose to help you become calm, achieve a more restful sleep and recover faster.

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cbd for running

Whether you're pounding the pavements to stay in shape, hitting the trails in an ultra-race or training for your first marathon your body is going to be under a lot of physical and mental strain. As much as it's great being outdoors and chasing that runners high, it can come…

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cbd for athletes

Whether you're a runner, jumper, thrower or a little bit of all three, we know that the physical and mental demands of sport are tough on the body. The three key pillars of performance are effective training, the right mental attitude and recovery. It's probably safe to assume that you…

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